The Olsens. The Millers. The Knowles’. The Fannings. San Francisco has its own share of impossibly attractive and accomplished sisters in the Swanson girls, they of the cascading hair, dazzling smiles, and genuine greetings. The last few days have hardly been a Swan-son(g) for the trio, who gathered for a series of functions and fetes to celebrate their mutually elevated enterprises.  First, wine wizard Alexis Swanson Traina teamed up with fashion site Moda Operandi to welcome the fashionable folk to her home to celebrate the publication of sister Claiborne Swanson Frank’s book of photographic portraits, American Beauty. The high-decibel party became the live-action version of the saturated coffee-table tome, with many of the subjects (Sabrina Buell, Lauren Santo Domingo, Katie Traina, Vanessa Getty, Indre Rockefeller) appearing in pulchritudinous person to raise a raspberry-infused libation to their friend and photographer Claiborne. In keeping with the all-American theme, the Traina’s exquisite all-white atrium was festooned with an abundance of red and blue balloons, their trailing ribbons dangling into the ‘demoiselles drinks and lending a festive air to the party, which itself trailed long into a warm-weather evening. Swanson Frank’s book is a genuine reflection of her earthy childhood in Napa and San Francisco, and her elevated stint in the fashion world of Vogue Magazine, where she honed her eye for the combination of distinctive style and intrinsic beauty that distinguishes so many of her subjects. Like most of the women in her book, Swanson Frank’s combination of accomplishment and elegance would be exasperating, were it not so enviable, inclusive, and at ease with the universe.

The next day, sister Veronica Swanson Beard welcomed many of the same soul sisters to Saks, where her eponymous clothing collection for spring and fall were featured in a champagne-infused trunk show. The Veronica Beard line, which she produces in New York along with her sister-in-law, the other Veronica Beard (coincidentally cute, right?)  is known for the distinctive blazer with the interchangeable dickeys that have become a uniform for the SUV set. The well-edited selection of separates was well received by the yummie mummies whose carpool chic hits the note between functional and fashionable; the line is developing a cult following that reflects the practical-yet-pretty sensibility of Swanson Beard, a hardworking mother of two. Even though the patent shearling motorcycle jacket was an aspirational item, the litany of orders indicated there will be plenty of Veronica Beard labels peeking out of the school pickup posse at 3pm, just before which the party dispersed for said purpose. As they bid their besties adieu, the soigne Swanson sisters shared a sweet moment of sorority and solidarity, affectionately expressed by Alexis, “My sisters’ success is shared with me. We all want the best for each other, and that’s why it works out so well.” Sisterly love, thy name is surely Swanson.

Find these photos for purchase here – Veronica Swanson Beard at Saks and Claiborne Swanson Frank’s American Beauty book party

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