Ken Fulk Strikes a 20s C Note

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Ken Fulk

Ken Fulk knows people like to C and be seen at his soirees. So his party to launch the website of SoCal-based C magazine, C Social Front, was a Gatsby-themed, Ferragamo-featured fete of fabulosity at his SoMa loft that pulled out all of the stops.

Guests arrived to a speakeasy scene, with flappers and dappers and a fedora-festooned fellow crooning twenties tunes. A temporary pond featured a gamine floating along with the fragrant gardenias, while Ferragamo fetishists could revel in the heritage styles of shoes on pedestals, vitrines, and dangling from the ceiling.

Up in the penthouse, the Prohibition-pink champers was pouring by the coupe, and the ceiling was covered with golden balloons trailing rivulets of ribbon. On this very busy social evening, many guests were on the circuit, stopping by after other events around town, bumping into one another multiple times. (This mommy dearest made it back from back-to-school-night just in time to bust another mother who had scooted out to cut Fulk’s rug.)

Guests nibbled on sweets and savories passed by tuxedoed waiters, snuggled in the big bed with the tableau vivant of boys and girls provided for a photographic dalliance, and danced to DJ Michael Smith’s 80s hits that were more in-his-twenties Travolta than ravishing Redford, but kept everybody stayin’ alive.

Cocktails and shimmies were shaken in equal measure for equal pleasure, and everyone congratulated themselves on being invited to such a swell party. C Magazine honchas were in fine fettle, with Publisher Jennifer Smith Hale, publisher Lesley Campoy, associate publisher Sue Chrispell, and artistic director the much-missed Elizabeth Varnell, taking it all in.

The evening’s sponsor, Ferragamo, treated everyone to an 80s style goodie bag, the same era and make as Fulk’s blood-red velvet dinner jacket. This Fulk-tastic mashup of Roaring ‘20s, Frisco Disco ‘80s, and super right now is what makes his invitations the hottest ticket in town. And since C is a social site, everyone was happy to see the socials doing what they do best; dancing, air kissing, and showing the rest of us what our lives are missing.


Getting their nightly dose of Vitamin C:

Ferragamo’s charming Trisha Gregory, Alex Chases, Mark Rhoades, Claudia Juestel, Jennifer Wick Kelly, Vandy Woods Bodreau, Max Boyer Glynn, youth serum magician Lisa Alexander, groovin’ Pasha Thornton, the indefatigable Susan Magley, Jessica Hon, Michael Bauer and Michael Murphy, Ricky Serbin, new kid in town Kevin Sessums, People magazine scribe Dana Kennedy, Bart Magee, Andrea Schnitzer, Christine Suppes, Ali Speer, Vanessa Getty, beloved Bulgarite Daniel Diaz,  along with a slew of socials in town for Bulgari’s bash, including Susan Casden and daughter Alyssa Fung, Scalamandre’s Steven Stolman, Jorge Maumer, Wilkes Bashford, Sabrina Buell, Megan Mondavi, Damion Matthews, Heather Rosenfield, sumer Tompkins WalkerJason goldman and Susie Meyer,  along with Doug and Lisa Goldman, sister act Dorka and Fruzhina Keehn, and many more who were A and B list but happy, for this night, to be on the C list.

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  1. Christine Suppes Posted on October 4, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    Oh Jennifer you are a hoot! Great coverage! Moms sneaking out of Back To School Night! LOL!

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