Fall Antiques Show Is What We Knew Again

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Amidst the Deco, the Regency, the Louis, the Edwardian, the Moderne and the Colonial, one thing never, ever gets old: watching the guests gather at the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show. They arrive in carefully timed waves which reflect their genuine interest in getting first dibs on the vetted treasures, or getting known as patrons who have the privilege of arriving for the early bird specials. Who’s here and who’s over there, who’s with whom and what did she wear? The array of fashions and jewels is meant to dazzle the denizens of San Francisco and its surrounds with their carefully chosen chic.  Patrons of every age come to the Fall Antiques show to look at the fine antiques, mostly inanimate, for which the show is justly famous. The format remains refreshingly familiar: grand entrance installation by the admired architect Andrew Skurman, accompanied by mini-museum installation surrounding the Art Deco theme, curated by Ariane Trimuschat and overseen by the dynamic duo of show chairs, Michele Goss and Adrianna Pope Sullivan. The show benefits Enterprise for High School Students, which provides job training for secondary school students who would not otherwise have the opportunity; they greeted the guests with gamine gusto. Next the bar, the caviar, the air kiss and the near miss, as guests promenade the Herbst Pavilion, champagne in hand. Every now and then, an artifact will catch their eye; look, a lovely silver salver, or a perfect Parisian portrait, ready to be tallied up and taken home. Aren’t those the so-and-so’s? (He did a great job on her neck; shhhh, nobody knows.) And on and on it goes. McCalls caters to their needs with potatoes and chops and chocolate for hubby while the missus namedrops. “We saw them in Capri, on the way back from Rome! We stayed in the penthouse of their seventeenth home!” The enthusiasms are new, but the format, tried and true. “We saw EVERYONE there…how did we miss YOU?”

Falling for Antiques:  Honorary Chair Kitty Margolis, First-among-equals Dolph Andrews, Gail DeMartini and Ron Haan, Elizabeth Theriot, Phoebe Cowles and Robert Girard, Jack Calhounand Trent Norris, Elisa Stephens, Clara Shayevich, Christopher Bently and Camille Crowder, Don and Patricia Stephens,  Shirley Robinson, Kendall Wilkinson, Joel Goodrich, Claudia Juestel, Tatiana Sorokko, Melissa and Patrick Barber, Luba Troyanovsky, Kathryn and Bo Lasater, Victoria Loren Miller, Olivia Hsu Decker, Jorje Maumer, Brenda Zarate, Rich Hanif, Elba McIntosh, Suzanne Tucker, Summer Tomkins Walker, Lonna Wais, Joni Binder Schwarts, Doug Fenton and daughter Mindy Henderson, Michelle and Jody Harris, Randi and Bob Fisher with newlywed daughter and son-in-law Lexie and Mark George, Jay Jeffers and Michael Purdie, Alan Morell,  Peter Margolis, Mark Calvano, Bahya Murad, Steven Brady, Laura Pfaff, Francoise Skurman, Pasha and Laney Thornton, Suzanna Allen, Adriana and Bobby Sullivan, new Fine Arts’ Museums’ Director Colin Bailey, who knows his Directoire from his sautoir, OJ Shansby, Ned Mobley, Brenda Mickel, Martha Angus, Letitia and Michael Kim, Heidi Castelein with daughter Keelan Castelein, a perfect Paula Carano, Grant Gibson, Doris Egli, Will Harbin and Stephanie Southerland, Susie McBaine, Stephanie Ejabat, Lewis Sykes, Victoria Penfield, EHSS Director Tony DiStefano, Peter Mueller, soigne Sally Debenham, Norman and Norah Stone, Merla Zellerbach, Ricky Serbin and Mitchell Benjamin, the ineffable Martin Chapman, Palmer Weiss, Nancy Boas, Peter Mueller, Ali Pincus, Alonzo Williams, Andrea Schnitzer, Lora DuBain, Dede Wilsey and son Todd Traina, Paul Pelosi in unfailingly fine fettle, Mary and Craig Fenton, Mark Rhoades, Becky and Nancy Ascher, and many more who demonstrate that becoming antiquated is the best revenge.

Jennifer Raiser
Author: Jennifer Raiser

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  1. Camille Posted on July 29, 2015 at 12:38 pm

    love the playful poke at SF society, which takes itself entirely too seriously! Always a great perspective, Jennifer.

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