What do you get when you precisely saw-cut 1,100 giant pieces of corrugated cardboard, and then assemble them into the ultimate all-in-one dining chamber? If you are John Lum Architecture, you have bragging rights to the coolest table setting for Dining by Design, the Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA). Of course, if you are the remarkable Paul Benson and build a two-story aluminum birdcage, line the bottom with birdseed, upholster the bench seating with a newspaper print and provide a life-sized rara avis in the form of performer Phonique, like Stephen Miller you will claim bragging rights to the coolest cage setting for Dining By Design. Or you could have dining table that slowly tucks itself over to you, rather than your having to tuck yourself under it, courtesy of Poggenpohl and Claudia Juestel’s Adeeni Design Group. You could build a topiary garden (Gary Spain and Will Wick), or a Saratoga stable (Ralph Lauren) , all for the fun, fantasy and philanthropy of it all. For two nights, the San Francisco Design Center becomes a scene to be seen, as designers create over-the-top tables and invite friends to dine for the cause and a little applause. Supping and toasting were Barbara Waldman and Dennis Winger, Carla McKay, Martha Ehrenfeld, Timothy Wu, Mikki Bourne, John Vaughn, Candace Barnes, Billy Cook, Diane Havlir, Art Martinez, Brad Hare, Ian Stallings, Lauren Shelby, Athena Charis, Joseph Cunningham, Diane Nicolson, Youngsong Martin, Mimi Durand-Suhl, Cathy Post, Donald Greene, Edward Nglam, Kriste Michelini, Michael Friedes, Ted Pratt, Shari Steele, and a host of other design-minded do-gooders.

Jennifer Raiser
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