Ann Getty is the Diane Dorrans Saeks of interior decor. And Diane Dorrans Saeks is the Ann Getty of book authorship. Each of them has abundant talent and a remarkable work ethic. Each of them appreciates craftsmanship, quality, and beauty. Each of them is a ravenous autodidact, constantly learning, synthesizing, and interpreting. It stands to reason, then, that their collaboration on a book would be a visual and verbal treat. “Ann Getty: Interior Style,” published this month by Rizzoli, is the lavish result of their collaboration, and the prolific Dorrans Saeks’ twenty-first book. Getty has a full-fledged interior design and furniture reproduction enterprise about which she is passionate. The book is filled with Lisa Romerein’s lavish photographs of Getty’s layered interiors, which mix periods and patterns with a deft hand and an adventuresome eye. To speak to each of them, the heavy lifting for the tome was all done by the other. When asked about her contribution, Ann Getty demurs, “It was all Diane. She did the research on the furniture, worked with the photographer, wrote the thoughtful and instructive text. She couldn’t have made it easier.” Dorrans Saeks gives equal credit to her subject. “Ann has so much drive and talent. She breathes beauty.” The two celebrated the book’s publication with two San Francisco soirees in homes where Ann Getty had created the décor. The first was at the Getty’s staggeringly beautiful San Francisco home, where a few hundred dear ones came for champagne, delights, and a signed copy of the book. Guests were able to appreciate the sumptuous interiors firsthand, playing spot-the-original of the many precious pieces of furniture that Getty has meticulously reproduced for sale to the trade. The following week, her neighbors Alexis and Trevor Traina hosted a dreamy dessert ‘do for friends and favorites in the design world. Although some of the Trainas’ gorgeous white plaster furniture had to be moved to accommodate the party, Getty’s touch was still very much in evidence. “Ann is a marvel,” enthused Alexis Traina, offering a glass of her own signature Swanson wine. “She works incredibly hard, and then makes it look fresh and fabulous.”  Having just completed a post-Sandy book signing at Sotheby’s in New York, the guest of honor admitted she is more keen on décor than book tour. “Signing and selling books isn’t my thing. It’s the creative side I love. “ Luckily for her determination doppelganger Diane Dorrans Saeks and her publisher Rizzoli, Getty’s creativity speaks– and fills– volumes.

 Top shelf: Dianne Feinstein and Richard Blum, Gavin Newsom, Willie Brown, Katie and Todd Traina, Merla Zellerbach, Alan Malouf, Mark Ricci, Jack Calhoun, Dede Wilsey, Jennifer and Doug Biederbeck, Denise Bradley Tyson, Daniel Detorie, Alex Chases, Barbara and Bob Callan, Stanlee Gatti, Vanessa and Billy Getty, Grant Gibson, Denise Hale, Matthew Godeau, Phil Kaufman, Hooman Khalili, Jo Schuman Silver, Sharon and John Owsley, Pam and Richard Glogau, Damion Matthews, Joel Goodrich, Jonathan Moscone, Nancy Oakes, a passel of Pelosis, including Paul, Paul Jr., and Christine, Therese Post, Helen Hilton Raiser, Adriana and Bobby Sullivan, uberorganizer Beth Townsend, Yurie and Carl Pascarella, Kelly Sultan, Stephan Jenkins, Nick Heldfond, Sharmin Bock, Shirley Robinson, neighbor Pasha Thornton, Monica Chavez, Don Johnson and Kelley Phleger, Richard Finch, Dorrit Egli, Susanna Allen, Taylor Nagle, Maria Quiros, Sandy and Jack Gilbert, Amaya Alex, Vitsa Pines, Deborah Hatch, artist Ira Yeager, and many more bibliophiles, oenophiles, and Ann Gettyphiles.

To view additional photos from this event or to purchase prints: ANN GETTY INTERIOR STYLES Book Launch Party

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